Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Photos Have Been Posted

TONS of photos from Saturday's Madcap Masquerade have been posted to Pittsburgh Grapevine. There are 476 photos posted, so if you want to skip right to the fashion show they start around page 22 of the album.  Since many of us who were backstage didn't get to see the beginning of the party, be sure not to miss photos of Bill Kolano and Bridgette Pavlik showing up as Amy Whinehouse and a London Police Man... in a working ambulance! Amy (I mean Bridgette) was wheeled into the party on a gurney! Don't miss those photos.

The pic you see to the left is of Samantha Scott of the Docherty Model & Talent Agency wearing a carousel inspired design by Brittney Thieroff for Babylove designs. Photos of all 16 of the designers' work can be seen on Pittsburgh Grapevine.  Don't forget to vote on your favorite design below after checking them all out.

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