Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Designer Spotlight: Tereneh Mosley

Tereneh Mosley is the creator of her own line called Idia'Dega. She was lucky enough to have a childhood filled with dance, beauty, art, literature, music and diversity.  This gave her the passion to seek beauty in all its forms for her clothing line. She came up with the name of the line by looking into definitions of meaningful words in indigenous languages/ Idia means "mother of the queen" and Dega is short for the original Shoshone name for Pittsburgh, Diondega.

Tereneh recently moved to Los Angeles to further pursue her clothing line, but brings a distinctive creation to this year's Madcap Masquerade with a custom carousel inspired mask. Her line uses exclusively organic and sustainable materials and we are excited to see how this is brought to the runway this year!

This is the first year that Tereneh Mosley will be participating in the Madcap Masquerade.


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