Thursday, October 23, 2008

Designer Spotlight: Margaret Gerhart & Vanessa Koch

Both design undergraduate students, Margaret Gerhart (Industrial design) and Vanessa Koch (Communication design) are in their third year at Carnegie Mellon University in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh. They enjoy stretching the boundaries of the design field in many different directions.  In February of 2007, they debuted their first collaborative effort in Carnegie Mellon's annual student fashion show, the Lunar Gala. The collection, titled Let's Get Trashed!, featured ten outfits made from completely recycled materials such as cardboard, newspaper, and plastic bags. This concept explored the relationship between human consumption and waste, giving recycled trash a new home on the human body. As a design team, they continually push creative possibilities and always aim to surprise and entertain their audience.

Vanessa is currently spending a semester studying abroad in Florence, Italy. As a result, the team's collaboration for this year's Carousel Couture show has occurred via the Internet. This design experience has beenequally challenging and rewarding for the team.

This is the first year that Margaret and Vanessa will design for the Madcap Masquerade.

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