Friday, October 17, 2008

Designer Spotlight: Karen Page

Karen has been designing and making "stuff" all her life - from designing clothes and houses for her Troll dolls, to designing jewelry and felted objects that are in The Shop at the Mattress Factory.  Her interests have included "all things textile" from knitting and crochet to weaving and feltmaking. Her expertise is feltmaking has allowed her the opportunity to travel to Denmark and Turkey. For several summers Karen worked with various women's co-ops in Kyrgyzstan teaching feltmaking and design.

This past summer Karen collaborted in the Container Exhibition at the Three Rivers Arts Festival with Joanna Commandaros and Anna Divinksy (see this work at Always seeking the new, the wonderful and the unique, Karen will combine free-form crochet pieces with handmade felt to create a whimsical piece for this event.  She teaches at CAPA High School where she continues to be challenged and invigorated by her wonderfully creative students. Several of the "young designers" in Madcap this year have been in her textile studies classes! (Tori Mistick, Emma Shutko & Marla Parker were all Karen's students!)

This year marks Karen Page's second time to participate in the Madcap Masquerade Ball.

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