Monday, October 13, 2008

Designer Spotlight: Zoe Collins

Best known for her innovative styles, Zoe Collins is a self-taught artist who dresses individuals with discerning taste in uniquely spirited custom designs.

Originally part of the vibrant '90s New York art scene, Collins moved to Pittsburgh in 1995 to blaze a trail uniting fashion and fine art in our town. Featured in numerous local and national publications in the U.S. and Ireland, she is a dedicated member of the Pittsburgh fashion community who strives to "live the dream." Check out the photo below, of her favorite local model, Blythe Bort, dressed in a Zoe Collins original for the Mattress Factory's Marie Antoinette-themed Urban Garden Party this past June. (Look for Blythe wearing Zoe's gown at Madcap as well!)

Zoe delivers quality service to her clients by expertly engineering - a la couture - for all body types. She reinforces her service through 22 years of commitment, integrity, and her characteristically enduring, "Yes, we can do that... with flair!" approach to sewing and design.

Currently creating in Sharpsburg, PA, she owns and operates a full-service tailoring salon named Threadneedle Street. There, she offers fine tailoring for men and women, a custom
 design service, and a showroom featuring her unique specialty and ready-to-wear garments.

Zoe Collins can be reached at 412-799-0616 to schedule an appointment for your tailoring or design needs.

This will be the fourth year that Zoe works on the Madcap Masquerade Couture show.

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