Friday, October 10, 2008

Event Site: Schenley Plaza

This year's Madcap Masquerade is moving from the Hunt Armory in Shadyside (where the past three spooky spectaculars were held) the the shiny new Schenley Plaza in Oakland. Situated in the heart of Oakland (right across from the Cathedral of Learning, and next to the Carnegie Library), the Plaza is a major destination for university students, business people, and anyone who loves the outdoors. With proximity to many cultural attractions, and plenty of open space, it truly has something for everyone!

Food vendors along the perimeter provide everything from hot chocolate to pizza - and with free Wi-fi, the Plaza is the perfect place to spend your free time.

We can't wait to see the space transformed for the Masquerade. Giant clear tents will be annexed to the existing round white one, and heated that night to ensure a comfortable atmosphere. A floor will also be put down so nobody's stilettos disappear into the ground (what a travesty that would be!). In addition to fabulous decor and lighting, this will all be constructed immediately before the event so that there is minimal risk of damaging the grass below. Once it is all deconstructed on Sunday, the party will disappear like a ghost!


Check out these photos of the Plaza and the amazing carousel - you can see why we chose it as the inspiration for the fashion show!

The carousel features more than just your typical horses - look for giraffes, pigs, dragons and dolphins!

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