Monday, November 3, 2008

Without further delay... Video of the Show

Here is the video footage of Carousel Couture in case anyone wasn't there (I'm sure you had a good excuse!), and so that masqueraders who were there can take a closer look. This is the unedited full show, so you will not miss a moment. It includes the entire show and also the finale at the end with the models and designers.  I know it is a little hard to hear, but everyone was just having such a good time, they couldn't help but squeal with excitement!  

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The order of appearance is: Zoe Collins, Tereneh Mosley, Emma Shutko, Jena-Anne Sabom, Brittney Thieroff (the one that lights up!), Mary McVay, Karen Page, Lets Get Trashed, Nami Ogawa, Tori Mistick, Carl Williams, Nicole Scarpone (whip performance), Jennie Canning, Kiya Tomlin, Richard Bryan, and finishes with Marla Parker's design.

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